Sunday, September 28, 2008

Hello all!

Our friends Karis and Jace suggested that starting a blog would be a good idea, given that so many of our friends and family are so far away. So here we go, Matt and Sharon go on-line!

We just got back from Washington, D.C. on Saturday. I had a conference with the Ken Blanchard Company (the guy who wrote The One Minute Manager and about a million other leadership books) so I just stayed over for a couple of extra days and Sharon flew out to meet me on Thursday. We had the opportunity to stay with Ernest and Judy Istook, the parents of my friend and old college roommate Butch. So we got to catch up with them for a while, as well. I've known the Istooks since Butch and I were in Sunbeams 30 years ago, so there was plenty to discuss.

D.C. was wonderful. We were able to take in a session at the temple, and the rain held off as we did our sight-seeing. The Museum of American History was closed for renovations, so that was sort of a bummer, but we got to see plenty. I think we both enjoyed seeing the dinosaur bones at the Museum of Natural History the most, as you can see from the photo.

Sharon also enjoyed sharing the view from the Lincoln Memorial, along with some random Chinese guy.

And, of course, Auggie and Penny were glad to see us when we picked them up from the kennel.

We'll try to keep the updates fairly regular! Hope everything is well with everyone.