Saturday, November 28, 2009

Muppets Bohemian Rhapsody

If the stresses of the holidays are becoming more than you can handle, just watch this.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Three Years and Going Strong!

So we've gotten pretty bad about blogging in a timely manner. Apologies to those who follow us with any regularity. September 6th Matt and Sharon celebrated their 3rd wedding anniversary, and it has been three great years! Being single and LDS in our part of the world doesn't bring a lot of opportunities to meet eligible partners, we're thankful every day that we managed to find each other. Matt survived his first date with Sharon, which consisted of having dinner with Sharon ... and Laura and Jason Hammontree. Jason decided that they would need to inspect any potential suitor for Sharon and, given that Jason is one big dude, Matt had reason to be intimidated. The intimidation lasted about 30 seconds until Matt mentioned he was from Oklahoma. Jason, also being an Oklahoma-boy, immediately decided that Matt was ok and could date Sharon. It didn't take long for Matt to work his way in with the Grahams as well (the other "Sharon guardians" Matt had to seek approval from).

We found some old disposable cameras from our wedding reception and, well, disposable cameras left in the hands of wedding guests equals really bad pictures. So we thought we'd post a few of the professionally-taken shots. More than anything just to prove that Matt did at one point in time have hair.

Sharon was so excited to be married, water spontaneously erupted from the top of her head.

Lots of folks made it out to the temple, and then to the reception. Once again, erupting water.
Matt, joined by his other "former menace to society" friends staring in awe at their wedding rings. Seriously, all three of these guys blew past 30 with no marriage prospects in site. Luckily, all three managed to find women who would tolerate them. And we all three still sometimes are stunned by the fact that we actually managed to make it to the altar.

The three years since have been wonderful, full of lots of great times together. Our favorite thing to do is to sit in the big, comfy chair in the living room with the doggies at our feet, eating a yummy dinner and watching a movie or one of our favorite shows (if you can't tell by the music on the blog, Sharon is really into "Glee" right now.) We do occasionally leave the house, too. We like to go on trips (Branson, OKC, Salt Lake City, Dallas, Seattle, Washington D.C., Santa Fe, Austin, we've been a lot of places!) and we love to go to the movies and go visit family and friends. But most of all we like being with each other, and that's a pretty great thing to have in a marriage. So far, so good!