Sunday, February 14, 2010

Quick Get-Away

We decided for Valentine's Day (or close enough) to make a quick trip to Greenleaf State Park in Eastern Oklahoma for a couple of days in a cabin. Greanleaf is a one of the smaller, quieter state parks, but their cabins are relatively nice (as far as state park cabins go) and really our only goal was to just relax and do as little as possible. If those are your goals, Greenleaf fits the bill.

Here's our little cabin. It had satellite TV, so we didn't really "rough it." The beds were a little firm, so those with delicate backs probably should look elsewhere. Great for an inexpensive couple of days away, though.

The state park itself is really beautiful. You don't really think of Oklahoma as covered in trees and hills, but Eastern Oklahoma is really beautiful. Even in February.

The drive down there took us through Tahlequah, OK and dinner at the Oklahoma institution: Del Rancho (home of the Steak Sandwich Supreme.) Sharon fell in love with Del Rancho on the first visit, so another visit had to occur on the way home. Here's the famous Del Rancho. Basically unchanged since 1959.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Math by Music

This is a shameless plug for Sharon's brother's project: Math by Music.

Several years ago Sharon's dad wrote a series of songs to help children learn the basics of math. He was an elementary school teacher until recently retiring, as well as a guy pretty handy with a guitar. He wrote the songs for use in his own classroom, and eventually had them produced and recorded. Sharon's brother bought the right to the music a while ago, and decided now was the right time to get them out there to a broader audience.

Sharon can still remember the lyrics to these songs from when she was little! She won't say if she sings "The Missing Addend" to herself when working on month-end close for Walmart.

If you have kiddos ags 4 and up these songs are designed for them. If you have a minute, follow the link below and take a listen to some of the songs.