Friday, December 30, 2011

We're having a ...


We visited the doctor before Christmas and she took a look to see what might be going on gender-wise with the kiddo. Matt watched the monitor and said, "I may not be a doctor, but I'm pretty sure I know what that is." The doctor agreed, but said that since she wasn't the ultrasound tech that we should save the receipts on any baby blue purchases.

Well, today was the 20 week ultrasound and sure enough, our little boy was not in a shy mood. We'd post pictures but hey, we're not that kind of blog.

Sharon continues to feel well overall. She's tired of the constant middle-of-the-night bathroom trips, and the heartburn is a pain. But all in all, we're feeling very fortunate. Sharon avoided any major morning sickness (just some occasional queasy-ness, but no "toliet-hugging") and other than an aversion to chicken she's feeling pretty good.

Other aspects of our lives continue to go well, also (we do have other aspects of our lives that don't immediately involve the fetus.) Sharon is working for an HVAC wholesaler here in town doing their accounting and financial analysis. She's enjoying the reduced stress compared to her time at Walmart. She's also the 2nd Counselor in the Relief Society. She loves the sisters, but definitely misses her Primary kids! Matt's job continues to go well. There was a lot of travel at the outset, but now that it has settled down he's enjoying the work. Matt got called as the Young Men's President and is loving it! (Mostly because he hasn't had to go on any camp-outs yet.) There is plenty to keep us busy and occupied until the little bombshell arrives in May.

We'll do our best to keep this updated as we progress in the pregnancy. Thanks to all for the many well-wishes!