Friday, February 24, 2012

Coming Attractions

Those who know us well know that we love movies. Of course, one of the best parts of going to the movies is watching the coming attractions, because then you get to start planning your next trip to the movies.

Anyway, we got one heck of a coming attraction on Tuesday - a great look at our little guy. It's amazing what technology can do and it was beyond fun to see him in there wiggling and squirming. Here's what we know so far: he likes to suck on his toes and keep his hand on his chin. When his hand isn't on his chin he's moving both hands in a circle as if playing his own little game of "Do as I'm Doing." Evidently gestation is boring because we even got a yawn out of him (see movie clip below.) And, every so often he'll open his eyes and check stuff out. But, given that the scenery isn't changing where he lives he doesn't keep them open for long.

So here are some pictures and a quick 30 second clip of the big yawn. The sonogram tech said that he was definitely a cute baby, but given what we'd just paid her we'd imagine that compliments were included in the price of the ultrasound.