Monday, May 14, 2012


One of the funnest things about having Grayson around is we get to experience lots of firsts. Although, first poopy diaper wasn't really a milestone we were looking forward to. And Grayson has been more than willing to let us re-experience that event several times since. Nevertheless, firsts are fun. Here are a few of Grayson's firsts.

First Visit from Grandma and Grandad Gosney

Grandad Gosney holding one of his three favorite Grandsons

Very proud Grandma Gosney - note that Grayson got Grandma's nose in the genetic lottery
First Real Bath

Grayson had a few "sponge baths" prior to his "little boy surgery" healing up. But this was his first, for real bath. He immediately fell asleep as soon as he was put in the tub. Actually, that's not the absolute first thing he did. Let's just say he found the warm water very relaxing, and Mom and Dad had to change out the bath water. As the saying goes, we did not throw the baby out with it.

Enjoying a quick nap in the tub

Less excited about the hair washing

Loves the warm towel - and to be done with the whole bath thing

Grayson needs some comforting from Dad after the bath trauma

The profound sleep of a well-scrubbed infant

First Time with Dad in Charge!

Sharon took an opportunity to run up to her work on Saturday morning, leaving Grayson alone with Dad! Dad did manage to not do any permanent damage, but he did think that a little photo shoot would be fun. When Grayson was still in the hospital (the first time, right after he was born) he was scheduled to get his picture taken with the standard newborn hospital photo. Unfortunately, Grayson wasn't having a very good morning when they came by to take the pictures (and he looked like an Oompa Loompa from the jaundice) so we decided to forgo the photo shoot. Matt and Sharon's Christmas present to each other this past year was a new camera, so Matt decided to see if he could put together his own photo shoot. It's much easier to take good pictures when they feature the world's cutest baby.

First Mother's Day

Grayson decided that for his Mom's first Mother's Day he'd like to buy her some pajamas. He figured that, since that's all she's pretty much worn since he's been on the earth, she must really like them. Mom got to go to church for the first time in a few weeks while Dad minded the home front. But he sure was glad when she got home! Mom asked for one of her favorite meals for Mother's Day: beans, cornbread and fried potatoes. (Sharon has been married to an Okie for too long, obviously.) Matt surprised her with a chocolate cream pie for dessert. That won him some points.

Sharon and his Mom - Mother's Day 2012

He's keeping an eye on Mom

Chocolate Cream Pie with Cool Whip - Just like Sharon likes it!

Grayson's favorite sleep position - hands over his head


karis stapley said...

What fun updates! We love it! We are so thrilled for you guys! He is one handsome fella! What a great Mothers Day for Sharon. Way to go Matt!

Rachel said...

Lots of fun firsts! And, they are only just beginning! I love Grayson's little baby rolls. Sharon, I'm glad you got to experience Mother's Day this year with a new baby boy--just think you could have still been pregnant with him! :)

The Allreds said...

Ahh. He is just beautiful you guys(I know, dads like the word handsome better)! Sharon, I so get the pajama thing. Is it bad that they're still my favorite clothes even though I had the baby 5 months ago? :)

Jessica Brough said...

He really is just soooooo cute!! Thanks for sharing! I hate that we are so close, and yet still far away! We really need to get together!

Laura said...

Congratulations! What an adorable little boy! I was excited to see your blog and thrilled to see how happy you are! I have thought about you often over the years, especially on this day. Happy Birthday! Hope it is wonderful! I would love to keep in touch.